Lake Gaston Area Directory Online - Directory B
Backhoe Service
Bullet 1 Roanoke Rapids Savings Bank 
Bullet 2 Roanoke Valley Savings Bank 
Bullet 3 New Republic Savings Bank 
Banquet Facilities
Bullet 1 Brian's Steak House 
Bullet 2 Ralph's 
Bullet 3 Middleburg Steak House 
Barber Shops
Bath and Beauty Products
Bath and Kitchen Design
Bullet 1 Lake Country Kitchens & Baths Inc. 
Beauty Salons
Bed & Breakfast
Bullet 1 Shell Furniture Co., Inc. 
Bible School Online
Blinds - Window and Door
Bullet 1 A. B. Hair Carpets, Inc. 
Boat Covers
Bullet 1 The Touchless Boat Cover 
Boat Dealers
Bullet 1 Brewer Cycles, Inc. 
Bullet 2 Satterwhite Point Marina, Inc. 
Bullet 3 Roanoke Valley Motorsports 
Boat Dealers / Catamarans
Boat Equipment, Supplies & Accessories
Bullet 1 Roanoke Valley Motorsports 
Boat Lifts, Jet Ski Lifts
Boat Houses, Boat Shelters
Bullet 1 Lakeland Pier & Boathouse Company, Inc. 
Bullet 2 R.J.Burke Construction 
Bullet 3 Dunlevy's Marine & Construction Inc. 
Bullet 4 Gainey Construction Co., Inc. 
Boat Rentals
Bullet 1 Stonehouse Timber Lodge 
Boat Repairs & Service
Bullet 1  
Boat Upholstery
Bullet 1 Christian Bookstore 
Bullet 1 American Shoe Shop 
Building Contractors
Bullet 1 John E. Williams Builder, Inc. 
Bullet 2 David Williams Builder, Inc. 
Bullet 3 R.J. Burke Construction 
Bullet 4 RCS Construction Inc. 
Bullet 5 TCD Construction Inc. 
Bullet 6 Carter Construction of Va. Inc. 
Bullet 7 Gainey Construction Co., Inc. 
Building Foundations/Basements
Superior Walls Systems, LLC
Building Materials & Supplies
Bullet 1 Lorene Building Supply 
Bullet 2 Proffitt Lumber Co., Inc. 
Bullet 1 Lakeland Pier & Boathouse Company, Inc. 
Bullet 2 Dunlevy's Marine & Construction, Inc. 
Bullet 3 Gainey Construction Co., Inc. 
Burglar Alarms and Monitoring
Business Computer Systems
Business Insurance - Commercial Insurance
Business Web Sites (Low Cost for small to medium size businesses)
Bullet 1 Graceworks Design 
Butcher, Meat Market